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Wholesaler Distributor of The Mountain T Shirts, LazyOne Loungewear, AngelStar accessories, Tree Free greetings, Leanin' Tree gifts, Lo Scarabeo wellbeing, Paradise Music and Hayhouse publications. If you’re looking for products that have a meaning, then you’re in the right place... here we have Something Different.

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A wonderful range of sound healing products including singing bowls and healing bells. The resonant sound of these exquisite items will help you to relax make you feel your worries and pains wash away. You'll also find a range of offering bowls made from a variety of metals with karma designs.

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9190375 - Energy Bar Chime Planet Earth Tone


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Earth - 194.18Hz energy bar chime brings you in harmony with nature and yourself. A very effective point (corresponding to the 1st chakra) is the coccyx. The lowest point of the spine is the beginning point of the Kundalini energy flow. The stimulation of this point gives power to Kundalini allowing the whole body to be energized and feel more awake and alive, stronger and more energetic. It is better to use in the morning to align yourself with Earth. Comes with a wooden sounder

Specification]]Measures approximately 16 x 3 cms (6.5 x 1.25 inches), weighs 100 grams and is made of wood and metal.


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