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Online wholesaler and distributor of anything from clothing to small keepsakes. We stock artwear apparel from The Mountain, which includes unisex T shirts, hoodies, tank tops, ladies tees and more. As well as sleep and loungewear by LazyOne, that features pyjamas, boxers, sleepsuits, slippers and nightshirts. But if its gifts you’re after, then we also have AngelStar accessories, Leanin' Tree cards, Lo Scarabeo divination tarot and Tree-Free greetings with stationery. Here we have… Something Different.

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Latest News

Will we see you at FORMEX in Stockholm? (News updated 10th August 2018)

The theme for this year’s Formex trade show, in Stockholm is “unexpected gatherings”. So, “What can I expect to find at your stand?” did I hear you say... well, we will be showcasing our very latest collections from The Mountain, as well as the latest Fall/Winter range from sleep and loungewear outfit LazyOne.

Come over and visit us over on stand C06:31 between 21st and 24th August 2018. Shaun and Olle will both be there to assist you with any questions or queries you may have, with Olle speaking a lot more of the ‘local lingo’!

We will also have a few freebies and goodies to giveaway, so make sure to be one of the first over to our exhibit, for a free tote bag full of surprises. There’s no time to moose’ around now!

For more information on the exhibition, please visit the Formex website. CLICK HERE

Visit Something Different at Formex - Stand: C06:31


Have you checked out our MEGA sale? (News updated 30th July 2018)

If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out our 50% Off MEGA sale! Where you’ll be able to find some of your very favourite lounge and sleepwear from LazyOne, as well as some of our bestselling artwear apparel by The Mountain. Find Aprons, Bibs, Boxer Shorts, Hoodies, Ladies Tees, Nightshirts, PJ Tops, Slippers, Socks, Tank Tops, Trousers, T-Shirts, Women's Dresses and much more, all within this very special half price offer!

Please CLICK HERE to visit the 50% Off MEGA Clearance Sale!

(full list of terms and conditions can be found on the offer page).

Something Different - 50% Off Mega Clearance Sale


Fairy and Hobbit Doors have arrived! (News updated 20th July 2018)

KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s there? Fairy. Fairy Who? Fairy Nice to meet you! Let the fairies and hobbits come in with these magical doors.

Great to lean against a tree, put in a flower bed, lay against a skirting board, or place anywhere else around the home and garden to let those magical creatures in!

In stock now. Available in a range of different sizes and styles.

To check out the collection please CLICK HERE.

Please Note: Unfortunately, these items are restricted from shipping to the UK.

Something Different - Fairy & Hobbit Doors


Art on White T-Shirts Now Available! (News updated 12th July 2018)

Following the initial pre-order of The Mountain’s Art on White collection, we proudly launch our final selection of plain white tees, all featuring some of The Mountain’s most popular artwear.

Perfect for the summer heatwave, whether it’s for relaxing by the pool… or keeping cool!

Be sure to get yours whilst stocks last, as these special edition t-shirts are only available while stocks last.  

CLICK HERE to take a look at the full Art on White Collection.

The Mountain - Art on White - Now Available!


Announcing… LOWER CARRIAGE CHARGES! (News updated 2nd July 2018)

Something Different are very happy to announce, lower carriage charges and minimum order quantities, for all of our wholesale customers throughout Europe. We know that delivery costs and MOQ’s play a big part when making any order for your favourite brands with us, so we hope that these new lower fees will put a smile back on your face, when it comes to checkout time.

  • No minimum order QTY for any customer in UK or Europe.
  • UK shipments £8.00 for orders up to £150.
  • Orders shipped to mainland UK over £150 are shipped carriage FREE.
  • Standard Europe including Southern Ireland €15 for orders up to €200.
  • Orders shipped to Europe over €200 are shipped carriage FREE.

*Please Note: All values quoted above exclude any applicable VAT. Charges are on a per order basis, not per box. Any customers that currently receive free carriage are not affected by any additional costs.

Delivery times will vary by destination. For more information please take a look at our full list of Terms & Conditions.

If you would like more details on our updated shipping costs, please do not hesitate to contact our admin team. You can reach them on +44(0) 1278 423600 or alternatively you can send us an email to:

Something Different (Europe) - Proudly Announcing Lower Carriage Charges



The Mountain: Continuously going green! (News updated 21st June 2018)

The Mountain has been all about green manufacturing of their apparel since day one, and today is certainly no different! Using renewable and recyclable methods throughout their clothing production. The t-shirts (and all their other garments) for example, are printed using water-based inks and organic reactive dyes, to make a truly unique piece of artwear.

Check out the below graph to see the ways in which The Mountain works to help protect the environment… because green never goes out of style!

The Mountain - Sustainable Threads: Going Green in Clothing Production


Protect Kids Now Available! (News updated 15th June 2018)

We’re proud to launch the Protect endangered species collection for children!

After successfully rolling out the range for adults, we are now offering all 10 of the popular designs in classic kids 100% cotton t-shirt body styles.

Giving parents the opportunity to educate their young one’s on sustainability, while giving the older kids the chance to learn more about some of the most critically endangered species on our planet, and the current dangers which threaten them.

Those little one's (...or big one's) are sure to look great in these tees!

CLICK HERE to visit the Protect Endangered Species Collection.

Protect - Kids T-Shirts - Now Available!


Say hello to our new wellbeing collection (News updated 22nd May 2018)

We have a vast range of products here at Something Different, and you may not have noticed some of the lovely new wellbeing and holistic products, that have recently come into stock. We have had dreamcatchers and garlands to add to our collection, as well as bracelets, pendants, wind chimes, window decorations and much more.

So why not enjoy some musical inspiration with each passing breeze in our wind chimes, which have also been handcrafted and beautifully coloured. Brighten up the place with our colourful garlands for that special occasion, or let the Dreamcatchers deal with all those bad dreams and nightmares! 

CLICK HERE to take a look at our latest Wind Chimes, Dreamcatchers and garlands.

900853 - Decorative 5 Elephants Mobile with Bells


LazyOne Spring/Summer Collection in stock! (News updated 14th May 2018)

The LazyOne Spring/Summer 2018 collection is now here! Featuring new sleep and loungewear for the whole family, you’ll find the perfect jammies for infants, kids and adults. There is matching pyjama sets that are perfect to fall “Fast Asheep” in, and even sea tail blankets for when it’s time to snuggle down and curl up with your tail!

So there’s no time to 'moose around' now, summer is finally here! And what better way to celebrate, than with our LazyOne sleepwear to have some well-deserved “Tweet Dreams”.

CLICK HERE to check out all our latest available products from LazyOne.

LazyOne - Spring/Summer 2018 Collection Now Here!


Reuse, Recycle (News updated 8th May 2018)

Help do your bit for recycling with reusable drinkware from Tree-Free Greetings.

Plastic is currently littering and destroying our oceans, help to minimise this waste by purchasing reusable cool cups, travel or barista tumblers from Tree-Free.

Encouraging people to take the drinkware home with them, to use time and time again, rather than leaving any rubbish behind.

Tree-Free even proudly prints their designs using 100% solar energy and the cups are BPA Free. Cool Cups even come with a reusable to straw, to help cut down on any unnecessary waste from littering our oceans and planet.

Take a look at our full range of “Drinkware and Coasters”, to keep everyone hydrated this summertime.

Tree-Free - Reusable Drinkware & Accessories


LazyOne Spring Sale (News updated 30th April 2018)

The LazyOne lounge and sleepwear spring sale is now on! Featuring 50% off* adults, kids, babies… and even pet loungewear. You’ll be able to find just the right ‘retire attire’ from PJ Tops, Trousers, Slippers, Socks, Nightshirts, Tank Tops, Aprons, Bibs, Boxer Shorts and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Grab yourselves a bargain or two in this half-price sale, with lazy essentials for everyone!

There’s no time to start ‘moosing around’ now… CLICK HERE to visit the LazyOne Spring Sale.

*50% off selected items within this category only. Please visit the spring sale page for the full terms & conditions.

LazyOne - Spring Sale - 50% Off Loungewear  


Tote Bags have arrived! (News updated 23rd April 2018)

The all new shopper style Tote Bags have arrived from The Mountain. Featuring over 50 designs of lightweight and versatile totes. These handy bags are extremely versatile, making them suitable to carry the shopping, taking on the school run, a day trip out and about, to hold the paperwork from the office, or they can even be used to make a great gift for a special occasion. 

Each tote is expertly printed on both sides and is hand-sewn, with double-stitching along the seams to make them extra durable. Also featuring an easy ‘throw over the shoulder’ style strap, which is made out of cotton webbing for maximum comfort.

Printed designs include animals, fantasy scenes and landscapes.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the full range.

The Mountain - Shopper Tote Bags


A little about the Protect organizations (News updated 18th April 2018)

Now that the Protect endangered species collection by The Mountain has launched, we thought you might like to know a little bit about each of the conservation organizations, which they’re proudly working with. All of these charities were established to help some of the most critically endangered species of our planet. This is your chance to support the efforts of these extraordinary charities, that are doing everything they can to save these animals from the threat of extinction.

CLICK HERE to view the full collection of Protect products.

The African Wildlife Foundation 

The African Wildlife Foundation’s purpose is to protect the wildlife and wild lands of Africa, by putting safety measures in place, such as training rangers, empowering communities and protecting endangered species and their habitats to ensure a more sustainable future.

To find out more visit:

Pandas International 

The mission of Pandas International, is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda. By providing public awareness, teaching, research support, helping with habitat preservation and assistance to Giant Panda Centres, they hope to achieve this goal.

To find out more visit:

Polar Bears International 

Polar Bears International strives to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats of its future, and the link between this small region and our global climate, in order to protect polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

To find out more visit:


Panthera works on the front lines, putting a stop to poaching, preventing conflict amongst people, conserving habitats and reducing unsustainable legal hunting, in order to protect wild cats and their vast landscapes around the world.

To find out more visit:

The Honeybee Conservancy

The Honeybee Conservancy is passionate about bee conservation, for the sustainability of local produce and works to increase access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities.

To find out more visit:

The Sea Turtle Conservancy 

The Sea Turtle Conservancy research and conservation initiatives have been fundamental in raising awareness and protection for sea turtles across the globe. By carrying out research, education and training, they hope to protect Sea Turtles and their natural habitats.

To find out more visit:

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation, is the leading charity dedicated to supporting the conservation and welfare of both whales and dolphins. The group envisions a world where every whale and dolphin can swim safely and freely.

Protect - Endangered Species Collection by The Mountain


New Products Arriving! (News updated 4th April 2018)

Don’t forget about all of our new products, which keep coming in! We just don’t know how our warehouse copes, but thankfully we have a great team to handle all of the stock.

For those of you that have been waiting, we have just had our first batch of tote bags from The Mountain in, as well as some new designs from LazyOne and even new wellbeing and holistic items.

You can view our newest additions from either the past week, this month or even the last few months.

Click here to see our latest arrivals from some of our biggest brands, including The Mountain, LazyOne, AngelStar and Tree-Free.

Featured Design: LazyOne - Sawing Logs

Sawing Logs - New design from LazyOne!


The Mountain launches new “Protect” range (News updated 14th March 2018)

The Mountain have launched a new Protect endangered species collection, designed for animal lovers and conservationists alike.   

This line features fresh apparel and accessories and aims to support organizations working to save vulnerable, threatened and endangered animals. Powerful images and strong statements, really bring the reality of this need to help home. From Elephants to Honey Bees, the Protect range brings a unique fundraising opportunity, for charities and conservation organizations to help safeguard and care for our world’s creatures.

With calls to action on every tri-blend t-shirt, classic tee, spun-poly tote bag, coffee mug and trucker style cap. These captions such as “Be My Voice” and “Protect My Habitat” strike a strong message in our hearts, with the 10 different species of animals featured.

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to save these magnificent creatures, with The Mountain donating $0.50 for every tee, tote, or cap sold and $0.25 for every mug sold. Proudly supporting the following organizations with their work: African Wildlife Foundation, The Honey Bee Conservancy, Pandas International, Panthera, Polar Bears International, Sea Turtle Conservancy and Whale & Dolphin Conservation.    

The Mountain is renowned for its ArtWear and has always been committed to producing environmentally friendly products, with their screen printing processes, organic dyes and green philosophy since its origins.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Protect Collection, with the complete range available to customers from late April.

Protect - Endangered Species Collection by The Mountain




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