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A little about the Protect organizations (News updated 18th April 2018)

Now that the Protect endangered species collection by The Mountain has launched, we thought you might like to know a little bit about each of the conservation organizations, which they’re proudly working with. All of these charities were established to help some of the most critically endangered species of our planet. This is your chance to support the efforts of these extraordinary charities, that are doing everything they can to save these animals from the threat of extinction.

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The African Wildlife Foundation 

The African Wildlife Foundation’s purpose is to protect the wildlife and wild lands of Africa, by putting safety measures in place, such as training rangers, empowering communities and protecting endangered species and their habitats to ensure a more sustainable future.

To find out more visit:

Pandas International 

The mission of Pandas International, is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda. By providing public awareness, teaching, research support, helping with habitat preservation and assistance to Giant Panda Centres, they hope to achieve this goal.

To find out more visit:

Polar Bears International 

Polar Bears International strives to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats of its future, and the link between this small region and our global climate, in order to protect polar bears and the sea ice they depend on.

To find out more visit:


Panthera works on the front lines, putting a stop to poaching, preventing conflict amongst people, conserving habitats and reducing unsustainable legal hunting, in order to protect wild cats and their vast landscapes around the world.

To find out more visit:

The Honeybee Conservancy

The Honeybee Conservancy is passionate about bee conservation, for the sustainability of local produce and works to increase access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities.

To find out more visit:

The Sea Turtle Conservancy 

The Sea Turtle Conservancy research and conservation initiatives have been fundamental in raising awareness and protection for sea turtles across the globe. By carrying out research, education and training, they hope to protect Sea Turtles and their natural habitats.

To find out more visit:

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation, is the leading charity dedicated to supporting the conservation and welfare of both whales and dolphins. The group envisions a world where every whale and dolphin can swim safely and freely.

Protect - Endangered Species Collection by The Mountain


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