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Online wholesaler and distributor of anything from clothing to small keepsakes. We stock artwear apparel from The Mountain, which includes unisex T shirts, hoodies, tank tops, ladies tees and more. As well as sleep and loungewear by LazyOne, that features pyjamas, boxers, sleepsuits, slippers and nightshirts. But if its gifts you’re after, then we also have AngelStar accessories, Leanin' Tree cards, Lo Scarabeo divination tarot and Tree-Free greetings with stationery. Here we have… Something Different.

What Customers Say!

Each and every day, everyone working for and with Something Different aims to please customers. Whether it concerns quality of our pickings, the speed of delivery, getting an answer to a question or any of the other aspects of customer service, we give you our best.

On regular occasions we do get wonderful customer feedback. Some of which we have been given permission to share with you. If you have feedback or testimonial you wish to share with us we most definitely want to know. Any time !

The WOW! Factor, CH

"I have recieved the Protect t-shirts and love them! My husband has even been wearing the Gorilla one to work!

We also ordered a few tote bags and we all love them too! The strap fits nicely on the shoulder, it's nice and deep so holds a lot, and the waterproof-like finish means that it can easily be wiped clean if it gets a bit grubby."

Joyce, The WOW! Factor, Owner, (May 2018)

Rainforest Café, UK

"After seeing the success of The Mountain range in our store, I was asked if we would like to stock a range of LazyOne items. This seemed a logical fit for us, as they had animal designs to fit our theme and also appealed to families and tourists which is our core market. 
However, I did not expect it to take off as well as it did. The reaction from customers in store has been fantastic, with many commenting on the quality as well as the designs. LazyOne has now become an important part of our weekly sales and an area that is showing signs of further growth. My advice for anyone considering this range would be to try it, there is a great range of products that suit all ages and all budgets. You wont regret it!" 

Peter McGough, Rainforest Café, Retail Manager, (November 2016)


Bobbejaanland, BE

“Here I am with my first reorder of the season. The weather has been bad and we are almost out of hoodies! 

It is not only the weather that has been mad, the customers just love the hoodies!” 

Inge, Bobbejaanland, Merchandise Games Foto Manager, (April 2016)

Yourwear, Hungary

I do not resist to share with you, my pleasure about your customer service. I see how many orders you have weekly and you handle even the smallest request with care. Thank you. 

Biró Attila, Yourwear Kft, Owner, (November 2015)

Muse Shop, UK

I just wanted to drop you a line, to say a hearty 'thank you' to you and all the SomDiff staff for your help over the past few weeks.

I have to say that I was more than impressed by the service provided by everyone at SomDiff, and especially by Sarah who was first class in everything she did.
Accuracy, courtesy and attention to detail are clearly aspects of your company's service which you should rightly take pride in.

Chris Reece, Muse Shop, Owner, (September 2015)

Trader John, UK

You must have lots of customers to keep happy. It truly amazes me how you deal with your workload, provide such a high standard of service, and keep your sense of humours as well. I can honestly say that without all of your support it is likely my business would not be building the way it is. I have to service a customer base from 4 different geographical locations, and a website; so it is essential I get the back up to ensure customers get their goods when I say they will. You have NEVER let me down. I would say to your director that he/she should never underestimate the service the sales team are providing, they truly are Something Different; and long may it continue.

Ken Livermore, Owner, February 2015

Note from the directors ; Thank you very much Ken for your lovely words. We most definitely appreciate that all our staff have great customer service in mind in all they do. Check out our facebook page where we try to share the great moments we have socialising. Perhaps the secret behind keeping our sense of humour :-)

Dalfos, Czech Republic

We appreciate the cooperation with you and we are very happy. We believe that the successful cooperation will continue in the future. You are the best!

Martin Douda, Owner (January 2015)


Cerridwen's Cauldron, Scotland

A big thank you to everyone for all your help, and especially to Sarah and Toby..

My very first order has just been delivered, and I can't begin to tell you just how delighted I am with it! I know I will be ordering more T Shirts as soon as I find out what sizes people round here are most interested in.

Anne Bain, owner. (September 2014)



Altego, Sweden

Your service level and personal touch and straight forward way of doing business is top notch. You get the best total score among all of the suppliers we have had during the 10 years we have been running this show!

Martin & Mona, Owners (August 2014)


The Coloured House, The Netherlands

We expect the hoodies to go well. We already sell some. I’m thinking of putting them on stock here for the fall and winter. People that have seen them like them, that’s for sure. 

Erik Slingerland, Owner, (August 2014),


Lesara, Germany

Forgot how much fun it is to work together with such professional partners as you :)

Roman Kirsch, Founder, (June 2014)



Active Sports Products, Estartit, Spain

I must say I love working with you guys because your so PROFESSIONAL. I wish you a wonderful, white Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!! Give yourself a HUGE hug from me, you deserve it.!!!!!

Catherine Gambirasi-Westmoreland, buyer, December 2013


Cloud Nine Gifts, UK

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful surprise I received from yourselves yesterday.

To open the box and find a lovely note inside saying that you knew I was interested in selling Angel Star products so you had sent me a couple of samples to see what they where like.

This was such a lovely jester from the team at Something Different and the products are just outstanding. I already sell Angel products from another company but these figurines from Angel Star are just exquisite the detail is exceptional. My own web site went online yesterday for the first time, I still have a few tweaks to make but at least it is now out there for people to see.  The Mountain t-shirts are pride of place on my site but I think now they might have to jostle for a place with the Angel Star products I will definitely be adding them to my site now.

You always keep amazing me at the level of service you give to your customers and I can not thank you enough for this thoughtfulness.

Janette, Owner, Cloud Nine Gifts, October 2013


Clothes to Nature, United Kingdom

We have been ordering from Something Different now for a number of years . Up until a few months ago Drop Ship orders could take three to five days from orders being processed to orders being dispatched which was great. Recently we have noticed that the Drop Shipping Service speed from Order Process to Dispatch is now normally less than two days sometimes even the same day. This is an exceptional service and just shows that every member of the Something Different Team From the Sales Team to the warehouse work as one like a well oiled machine.

Cath and Andy, owners, June 2013

Find-The-Perfect-Gift, United Kingdom

I would like to say thank you to all of you at Something Different as over the months I have been quite impressed with how quickly the orders are fulfilled and how quickly  the queries are dealt with.

Martin Bradburn, Owner, June 2013
Find-the-perfect-gift, Shirley, UK


Vitality Retreat, United Kingdom

Just wanted to say that I’m very impressed with the quality and price for the products and our customers are delighted too.  I’ll definitely be ordering lots more in the future.

Donna, Owner (May 2013)

Valkyra, Czech Republic

I really cannot express enough how glad I am to do business with you…I can only wish all my supplier would be on the same level. Unfortunately reality is quite different though…

Pavel Kleiner, Owner, Christmas 2012



Cloud Nine Gifts, UK

Can I first start off by saying a big thank you to both Sarah & Joanne for the help and information you have both given me over the past couple of days I do really appreciate it.

I know you are all run off your feet at the moment but you still take time out  to help answer peoples questions, when you are new to something it's nice to have people that will go out of their way to help you and that's what we get from yourselves.

The level of customer service you all give is exceptional,  more companies could do with taking a leaf out of your book.

I am glad I came across your company, when you are trying to build yourself a business it's nice to know that there are people out there who realize what you are trying to do and will help you to achieve that. Thank you.

Janette Marley, owner, December 2012
Cloud-Nine-Gifts webshop


The Rainbow Tree, Maidstone, UK

Received my first order from you yesterday. Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality and service, everything was perfect.
Thanks so much
Clair, owner, October 2012, Berlin, Germany

I wanted to take some time to say THANK YOU for a fantastic sale, collaboration and a really great communication. You ALWAYS replied so fast almost faster than speed of light. ;-) It was a real pleasure working with you and I wish many others would work the same way. This is the way how business should be done – easy communication, fast solutions and most important fast shipments.

Anja Mueller, Designer Relations Coordinator Europe, October 2012




MyPets, Vemmelev, Denmark

You run a very service minded company, that's for sure.

Lots of companies *try* to do the same, but fail when it comes to combining the outstanding service with the important themes like effectiveness, logistics, delivery etc. Your company rates very high on all aspects - I have not traded with any company that compares to so far.

Søren Larsen, owner, June 2012


Owl Barn, UK

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exemplary service you have been giving us through the launch of this project.

We are getting very favourable responses from our customers no speed of delivery and quality, which is always nice to hear. Sure, there are one or two teething troubles and problems, but I appreciate the way they have been dealt with and feel this bodes well for developing the relationship as it matures.

Chris Astridge, owner, January 2012

Ahun, Austria

It's really a good thing getting answers to my queries the same day. I think that's world record and helps me deal with my customers as they know within hours if and when they will get the wanted goods. In more than 50% this is the reason for buying at my store.

Peter Pavlik, Owner, December 2011


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