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Online wholesaler and distributor of anything from clothing to small keepsakes. We stock artwear apparel from The Mountain, which includes unisex T shirts, hoodies, tank tops, ladies tees and more. As well as sleep and loungewear by LazyOne, that features pyjamas, boxers, sleepsuits, slippers and nightshirts. But if its gifts you’re after, then we also have AngelStar accessories, Leanin' Tree cards, Lo Scarabeo divination tarot and Tree-Free greetings with stationery. Here we have… Something Different.

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General Product Introduction

The products we distribute throughout Europe and beyond are carefully selected to ensure we supply only the best quality items to our customers.The vast majority of products are manufactured with the environment in mind and we work hard to minimise our impact on natural resources.

This is why Something Different are in partnership with these companies; it is our company policy to provide a quality product with a superior service at a competitive price to all of our customers.

On this page you will find information on all our suppliers and their products.

The Mountain Artwear

Product Intro - The Mountain

The Mountain T-shirts are well known for their soft “suede like” finish & feel and their eye catching designs. Working with well known artists and their own team of designers they produce many wonderful designs ranging from fantasy to animal kingdom and from native American to Humor each and every year.

The Mountain t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, all the garments are pre-shrunk and hand dyed, the designs are printed with environmentally friendly water based inks. This means you can simply iron across our prints. Try it on a T-Shirt that is printed with plastic inks and see what happens (At your own risk)! The Mountain prides itself in obtaining the Oeko-Tex 100 certification issued by The Institute of Research and Testing in Textile Ecology. Over 100 individual tests were carried out to ensure the production process and the garments are manufactured free from any harmful substances.

You can actually feel the quality ! The cotton is top grade and the printing becomes part of the fabric. As a result from a patented printing process, buying a Mountain T-shirt means being able to enjoy it for years to come without cracking or loss of the image.

As the quality of the shirts and the detail of the designs are unique the shirts actually sell themselves. Sales will be best when products are displayed in the best possible way. We are very pleased to offer you a wide range of services and display stands as well as free advice on setting up a t shirt display in your shop. For more detail on those please see the chapter Services & Merchandising in the products menu. Have special look at the space saving, time saving and sales increasing T shirt in a Giftbox.

The Mountain makes selling T-shirts so much easier. Don't leave this site before you have browsed the t shirts in the products menu.

Size Guide

View our T Shirts & tops size guide by clicking here (opens as pdf) These sizes are for guidance only; there may be slight variations between sizes.


Tree-Free Greetings

Product Intro - Tree-Free

Tree-Free cards are not like just any card you can find in a card shop.
The strong designs and the beautiful colors will stand out in any display. The true value of the card shows when you look at the inside of the card, which is a softly colored mirrored image of the card. Even the envelop is full color and will complement the card.

The majority of Tree-Free cards are without text inside which makes them extremely popular as they can be used any time during the year for any reason or occasion. New to the range are some collections that incorporate greetings. This is detailed next to each individual item in our Tree-Free catalogue as well as on this website.

Tree-Free produce their unique range of greeting cards from an environmentally friendly paper made from a plant called Kenaf. This plant grows a lot quicker than trees do. Using Kenaf instead of trees helps save valuable animal habitats and helps save the planet as a whole.

For more information see

Tree-Free Card - Product Information
Each design is sold in a pack containing 6 cards and 6 matching envelopes.
Each card measures 178mm x 127mm.
Each envelope measures 184mm x 134mm.
Combined card and envelope weight is 18 grams.
Cards can be supplied in a presentation sleeve, protecting the card whilst on display. A wide range of displays is also available. Find out more in the products menu under Services & Merchandising

Angel Star Inspired Products

Product Intro - AngelStar

Angels have been with us for a long time. Now they seem to attract more and more attention all over Europe. Because of their serene appearance the Angel Star range of angelic gifts and figurines has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the past years. More than with any other product range our sales have been boosted by increased ordering from our existing customers, in addition to new customers that find their way to this calming and inspiring angelic product.

Angel Gifts
Angel Star produces a beautiful range of angelic gifts and figurines. All the products are designed by Angel Star USA. There is a large collection of shelf sitters, vases, clocks, wall hangings, garden pieces, musicals and much more. All Angel Star items are made from poly resin to exceptionally high standards and a superb eye for detail. They are produced with a look of serenity and finished with an extra special sparkle added to their wings.
From the low cost to mid priced end consumer products Angel stars range has something for any business looking for an Angelic theme, even catalogues or book stores will find angel star products they could sell. In addition to the figurines a vast range of small gifts forms part of the Angel Star range. All linked to the angelic theme you can find items such as worry stones, coins, bookmarks, bumper stickers, charms to name just a few.

We highly recommend to browse through the on line catalog as words simply can not describe what you are about to see.

Memorial Gifts
Late 2005 we were able to introduce a complete new range of products from the Angel Star family : SERENITY HEART. Many Angel Star retailers were told by their customers that they used their Angel Star gift to put on a grave or to use as a keepsake. This inspired Angel Star to create a range especially for that purpose.
We are now in a position to supply to the funeral industry (which will include specialist florists and comfort retailers) a comprehensive range of urns and keepsakes. In addition to the serene Angel urns we also offer pewter and marble effect urns. New for 2007 are urns for your beloved pets.


Leanin' Tree Greeting Cards

Product Intro - Leanin Tree

Another great USA manufacturer of greeting cards. We have selected the complete range of the Josephine Wall collection for distribution throughout Europe. As with all our products you can buy complete starter sets including an in-store display or simply buy your selection of designs.
Similar to the Tree Free cards, Leanin' Tree cards have the card design mirrored softly inside of each card. A matching envelope with color design comes with each card. Nearly all Leanin' Tree cards come with greetings and inspiring words. Some of the highly popular ones also come without words. All Leanin' Tree cards and envelopes are printed on Recycled paper.

Josephine Wall Enchanted Universe - Product Information
Each design is sold in a pack of 6 cards and 6 envelopes.
Each card measures 137mm x 189mm.
Each envelope measures 143mm x 190mm.
Some designs are foil stamped and glitter embellished, this information is found with each item description.
Combined card and envelope weight is 20 grams.

There is a range of display options and a sleeving service please see Services and Merchandising in the products menu for further information.


LazyOne Lounge & Sleepwear

Product Intro - LazyOne

Proudly launching LazyOne sleepwear, loungewear and accessories within Europe. This range is all about keeping folks warm and fuzzy, from comfy Pj’s, to cosy slipper socks, all served with a hearty dose of hilarity.

Armed with a sense of humour, LazyOne began “moosing around” with ideas, ultimately producing not only “cheeky” boxers, but also pyjama tees, sleepwear and more. Many of the designs feature original and comical designs of wacky wildlife. 
The LazyOne product collection continues to grow, meeting the needs of consumers who appreciate both the fashion and the funny. Being a brand of nature lovers, LazyOne continually strive to “be green”, as they move towards becoming a plastic-free company. Hangers are made from recycled paper and an emphasis on recycling are all top priorities for LazyOne. 
LazyOne believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of laughter. With the mind craving humour like the body craves comfort, LazyOne take great pride in combining both comedy and cosiness in every single product! So go ahead—sleep, sprawl, and snicker with LazyOne.


Protect Endangered Species Collection

Product Intro - Protect

Protect is a new line of apparel and accessories created to support the conservation efforts of some of the world’s most critically endangered species and their habitats. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to support these extraordinary organizations, which are working tirelessly to save these animals from the threat of extinction.

Featuring powerful images and urgent messages of the change we need to protect these animals, and preserve their very existence for the health of our planet. You’ll be able to help raise awareness within your store, and support The Mountain in achieving their goal, to raise funds for the corresponding charities.

The Mountain have partnered with the following charities: African Wildlife Foundation, The Honeybee Conservancy, Pandas International, Panthera, Polar Bears International, The Sea Turtle Conservancy and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. The donation level will be as follows: $0.50 for every tee, tote or cap sold. $0.25 for every mug sold.


Display & Services

Top of the range in our merchandising services is the giftbox for the Mountain T shirts. An absolute eye catcher for your customers. As well as a great time and space saver for you, the retailer. Years of experience supplying these services have proven to increase sales value per square meter with a wide variety of customers.

We are more than happy to listen to your needs and give you free advice on how you can benefit from our merchandising services.

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