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Will we see you at Giving And Living Trade show?

Will we be seeing you at the key trade show in the South West of England? Giving and Living will be open for retailers to find a huge range of interesting gifts of al kind. Apart from a few specialised and experienced general wholesalers in giftware you will find a large number of small businesses promoting their unique merchandise. If you are on the lookout for something new then it is definitely worth spending a day at the show. And it won't cost you anything to attend as entrance is totally free. All you need to do is pre register on


You will find us at stand 544 where we hope to impress you with a very strong collection by Dedoles. It is very exciting to be introducting this brand to the UK as it is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe. They already supply to 20 countries and see customers fall in love with their fun and colourful designs on their unique odd sock concept. Designs which have also found their way on to underwear, active wear, footwear and swimwear for the entire family. 


This is a brand that will easily find itself a good selling spot in your shop. 


Come and have a look!



News updated 13tt January 2022


150 NEW Designs by The Mountain now live

They say images speak louder than words for a reason. So let's not bore you with a thesis on all the great and wonderful of the Mountain (by the do know that they are more than likely the most detailed printed shirts and more than more than likely the most eco friendly printed in the world?). Instead let's show you a bit of a teaser of just a few designs of a fantastic 150 new releases by the Mountain.

If you want to view all new designs (and all 1800 plus variations in size) then simply click here. 

Enjoy and happy ordering!


news published 6th January 2022

The Mountain 2022 releases are here!


The wait is over ; you can now take a look at the impressive 2022 collection by the Mountain. All the favourite garments feature with designs you will love. A huge number of new designs have been released, many of which have that classic Mountain signature all over them. You, and more importantly your customers, will love them.

They are all there. New zoo animals as well as pets. Great new dragons and other fantasy designs. Mindblowing scenes of the wild west. And so much more. You simply have to see it. So don't wait any longer, simply click here to open the flipbook.

Our team is working hard behind the scenes to load the new designs on our website so you can view and order online. Until then feel free to contact our team at or phone 01278 423600 as you can already start placing your forward orders. The first designs have already arrived in our warehouse and more stock is expected from mid January onwards.

News updated 16th December 2021

2022 Trade Show Calendar


2022 will be the year we are out there again at trade shows to show some wonderful products.


Will we be seeing you there browsing for the latest trends and novelties? We sure hope we will as we have a lot to share with you. 


View our full show calendar on the trade show page and make sure to mark your favourite date in your calendar.


We look forward to seeing you at any of the following shows.


Giving and Living Trade show








Springfair NEC


Indx Intimate Trade Show Solihull

News published 15th November 2021


More Choice & Better Prices

Never have you been able to get your hands on a hotter brand from us than Dedoles. And now there is even more choice of fun and colourful designs in many different products. What is even better and due its massive success, trade prices have come down massively. For sure this is now a range you need to check out and let your customers have a taster of.


The initial range of socks and underwear of this still pretty young brand was an instant hit. Where most retail brands struggle, Dedoles is flying and expanding year on year. Their sales throughout Europe and the UK has grown beyond belief and retailers stocking the brand reap the benefits. Women, men, kids of all ages have grown fond of the huge range of fun designs, the pretty colours and thems. Thanks to the comfort, using the best available materials and production methods, most first time buyers turn into multi buy return customers. 


Our website constantly gets updated with all of the new ranges Dedoles brings out. Over the past months that included an attractive range of summer wear. Lovely beach dresses which can be combined with similarly themed and patterned bikinis, swimsuits and footwear such as sliders and flip flops. There are even matching designs in kids swimwear and mens shorts. The revival of the bucket hat has not gone unnoticed, so they are part of the collection too, as are beach towels and beach bags. With prints such as cherries, pineapples and cherries Dedoles is bang on trend for all these products.


More styles and designs of a variety of socks and underwear as well as active wear is on its way too so we suggest you check out the new products regularly. All you need to do is bookmark the link that opens once you click below banner.




ohhhhh...and ...... did we say ; all Dedoles products now have much (permanently) improved pricing which allows you a decent profit margin?!?!?



News published 3rd September 2021

Hot drinkware for summer

There is always time for a brew. And with this summer weather perhaps even more so time
for a cold drink. No matter what your customers are looking for they can find a bespoke on
demand printed mug or barista flask from our selection of over 3000 designs.



Meet our slim and tall Barista!

A fetching 8.5 inch / 22 cm tall thermal flask that will
eep your soft drinks cool and your teas and coffees
hot for hours on end.

It fits perfectly in a cup holder in the car and holds a
massive 17oz (48cl). A secure clip on the lid allows
you to drink on the move and carry it around in your
bag without a messy spillage.

With a choice of over 800 designs, all printed on
demand here in the UK, there is one for each of
your eco-conscious customers!




Meet our Giant 15oz (43 cl) Ceramic Mug!

A sturdy fellow, with comfy handle for hands big and
small, that will get you through the day as you refill -
reuse - re-enjoy over and over again.

A quick rinse and you’re ready to get your next caffeine fix.

You don't need to worry that your favourite print will fade
as you fill - drink - hand wash - dry it.

Your biggest challenge will be trying to decide which is
your favourite from over 2000 vibrant designs.




A handy tip: use the design/theme filter in our filter section (which you can find under the 'more filters' button)

Published 15th July 2021

Help the Zoos and their animals though the PROTECT range

More than ever before endangered animals and Zoos need our help. Habitats of species like Gorillas and Polar Bears are threatened by deforestation or global warming. Sea Turtles have to fight an ever growing plastic soups in their waters. Even bees, key to our foodchain, are being threatened by the way humans treat our planet.

View all tote bagsView all T Shirts with Protect animalsZoos always have had an important role in raising awareness of these issues as well as participate in crucial breeding programs across the globe. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic they are now struggling to survive and, like all threathened species, need all the support they can get. From local authorities, from governments, from corporate donors and from the general public.

View all Hoodies with Protect animalsView all Mugs with Protect animals

Our way of helping has been right at the start of the pandemic where we supported three zoos in the UK with a donation of merchandise of the Protect range by The Mountain. Twycross Zoo,  Paignton Zoo and The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (through Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife) Park) all received a great selectoin of garments themed with their best loved animals. Twycross had such success selling these items that they placed a huge order with us to help them raise more cash. Paignton and RZS Scotland received their goods just before the real lockdowns started but aim to raise funds now they have been able to open again.

View all baseball caps with Protect AnimalsView all Barista Flasks with Protect AnimalsYou too can raise money by buying (and selling!) products from The Protect range. You are already contribution by buying from us, as for every item sold the Mountain will make a donation.
Organisations supported by the Mountain through their Protect project have amongst others been The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF on, Panthera (on,  Pandas International (on, The Honeybee Conservancy (on, Sea Turtle Conservancy (on, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC on and Polar Bears International (on



Shop for your favourite animal, simply click on any of the product images in this news items to check out all available designs for each type of product. 


Published 4th May 2021

We go even greener

It is time to go even greener as a company. We are proud to print the most eco friendly Tree Free greeting cards here in the UK as well as print mugs and barista flasks here in the UK rather than fly them in from the USA. For a while now you have been able to get your hands on The Mountain Base, t shirts with The Mountain designs, printed here in the UK too.

But that is not enough. We want to do more to make our impact on the environment as minimal as we possibly can. we have made the decision to no longer pack any new deliveries of T shirts in polybags. For years we have been doing so as 'it made life easier'. But we have to take our responsibility. Therefore from now on no more useless plastic bags for any new deliveries. (subject to stock in our warehouse that is already bagged).

Don't worry though...we will continue a full QC on every shirt that reaches us from our supplier. We will still put a barcode sticker with all necessary info in the neck and we will continue to nicely fold the shirt just like you are used to.

The Mountain ; possibly the greenest t shirt company.
We trust you want to be part of that green revolution.

View the 2021 catalogue of stunning Mountain designs now.


Published 20th April 2021

A Brand Made for YOU!

The Mountain Base has been specifically created with you (the retailer!) ‘in mind’, to bring you a collection of The Mountain’s most iconic and popular designs, featured on classic coloured (non-tie-dyed) soft cotton adult unisex t-shirts.


You’ll find designs such as Big Face™ Baby Orangutan, Climbing Chameleon, DJ Jahman and even the one reminiscent of a very classic 80’s military aircraft movie… called Tom Cat.


We are also proud to say that The Mountain Base is manufactured right here in the UK, meaning you can benefit from receiving any of these tees DUTY FREE throughout the EU!


Don’t worry though, just because they’re made ‘over here’ rather than by our American friends, doesn’t mean this range compromises on quality or style. In fact, they are still screen printed to those same high-quality standards of The Mountain’s iconic apparel. The only difference being that these tees are presented on classic colour combinations, rather than utilising the tie-dye effect, you may have become accustom too throughout the years, as an avid fan of The Mountain artwear.


The Mountain Base t-shirts are offered at a very affordable standard wholesale price of £8.50/10.00€* (each), making them cheaper than their sister brand The Mountain.**


Check out all the designs featuring some of The Mountain’s most popular art! Available in sizes small – XXlarge.




The Mountain Base - Featured Design: Climbing Chameleon

*Any stated prices exclude any applicable VAT. 

**The Mountain Base t-shirts are cheaper when compared to a standard adult unisex t-shirt (prefix ‘10’) from The Mountain.     


Published by Leon Shaw on 18th January 2021

New Year, New Collection!

Firstly, we’d just like to wish y’all the very best for the year ahead and hope 2021 brings more positivity and happiness to not only you, but businesses all around. So, here’s hoping we can all work together to get through the ‘final hurdle’ and soon we will all be back visiting all our favourite Zoo’s, visitor attractions and the like in no time at all!


We are still excited about the upcoming year as we grow and develop as a business, as well as having lots of exciting new products and collections to share with you.


So, to start with then, we’d like to introduce The Mountain Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Featuring over 130 brand new designs, as well as new body styles and colour ranges. You’ll be further pleased to hear that all of the SS21 designs are available on six body styles, so you can pick out something suitable for your stores needs. There is also a Caribbean blue version of the Protect range, with the addition of a couple of new animals featured… a kangaroo and koala bear, with a donation of the proceeds going towards supporting conservation efforts.


You can download a copy of the latest catalogue now to view at your hearts content. Or of course, you can order a physical copy to get your ‘teeth’ into this all new artwear collection from The Mountain.  


As always, if we can help you any further with this ‘jaw-some’ product collection, such as recommending retail displays for your shop, telling you a bit more about the latest selection or even helping you get set up with your account. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services team today! They will be more than happy to guide and assist you with your store’s needs. Our admin team can be reached via email: or alternatively give them a call: +44(0)1278 423600. We look forward to hearing from you.

Just click the picture of the catalogue below to ‘dive’ straight into...

The Mountain Spring/Summer 2021!

The Mountain - Spring/Summer 2021 Catalogue


View online now & download a digital '.pdf' copy of the workbook.


Published by Leon Shaw on 8th January 2021

Send Out to Help Out

We are proud to announce, that we've just donated £3000 worth of complimentary retail stock to Twycross Zoo.


This has enabled Twycross Zoo to ‘get back on their feet’, with a complete selection of Protect merchandise, to stock within their newly reopened gift shop. Helping to raise funds for the Zoo and their animals, during these difficult times.


Andy & Eve (retail team staff of Twycross Zoo) said, “We want to send a special thanks to Something Different Limited, for sending us £3000 of free retail stock, to help our conservation charity survive. In just one week, we have already sold £521.77 worth of products, which has all gone towards protecting our 57-year-old Zoo’s future.”


Donations of stock is a great way to help fellow suppliers and business, who are battling financially due to COVID-19. Alfred van Pelt (Managing Director of Something Different) added “We decided to help Twycross, as one of the many Zoos who are struggling financially in the current climate. Fellow suppliers, please try and do your bit too. None of us can help each Zoo on our own, but if everyone works together, we can help every Zoo.”


Having been open for most of the general lockdown period, we have been working hard to fulfil the needs of retailers, by helping to kit out visitor attractions and stores with merchandise.


In order to help shops re-establish themselves and replenish their stock, we have also been running special offers across a large selection of our products, as well as elping to encourage the use of face coverings with a wide variety of face masks carried, and not forgetting sending out some very generous donations too along the way.


If you would like to learn more about the Protect endangered species collection, check out out the brand page for further details.


To find out more about the benefits for your store, register with us for a trade account today (if you haven't already done so!). Once up and running, you'll be able to get access to a fantastic range of products, as well as some amazing special offers, with up to 70% OFF the standard wholesale price. 


Published by Leon Shaw on 1st September 2020

NEW Good Mood Products

We have just added lots of colourful and cheerful Good Mood products to our site, including Loose Boxer’s, Fitted Trunks, T-shirts, Leggings, Over-the-knee Socks, Sport Socks, Women’s Briefs and much more!


Be sure to check out all the latest drop of regular socks (well, odd socks really!), as a whole host of NEW designs have just been added. None of these designs are featured in the current Good Mood catalogue, so it really is worth looking through, to see what is new!


As we also mentioned briefly above, Good Mood have also branched out their range, so it’s no longer just about the underwear or socks, you know. The arrival of leggings and fitted shorts brings a great collection of activewear to the range. As well as officially licensed Warner Bros. t-shirts, so one can have the matching outfit, complete with ‘undies.     


Find something suitable for your store today!



Published by Leon Shaw on 30th June 2020


We're Here to Help YOU!

COVID-19 - We're Here to Help YOU!

During these uncertain times, we would just like to let you know, that we are here and open to support your business as much as possible.


The whole SOMDIFF team sends our love and well wishes to you all, and sure hope everyone is keeping safe and well.


Find out just some of the things we're doing below, to help support your business through these difficult times.

Here to Help - No MOQ Policy


No Minimum Order

We are proud to say that we have managed to keep sending out orders, while adhering to the health and safety precautions.


We have achieved this by having limited staffing levels in the warehouse and office staff working from home. As well as keeping to the 2m 'safe distance' rule, using gloves to pick orders, wearing face masks and washing hands at regular intervals. This has allowed us to be able to support you and keep delivering our services.

Take a look at our COVID-19 FAQ page to find out more on this topic, or simply drop us an email for any questions or support.

Here to Help - FREE Delivery*

Free Shipping Options*

We offer many benefits for retailers when you shop with us, including free shipping* and even £50/€50 OFF your first order (for new customers only). 


More information on delivery methods and other frequently asked questions, can be found on our main FAQ page.

*Free shipping options when spending over £150/200€.


Dropshipping Service

We can also dropship items to any of your customers. Meaning you don’t actually have to purchase stock or store it! We simply fulfil the order you’ve taken, by shipping the item/s directly to the customer on your behalf.   


If you would like to find out more about this service, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our admin team - Just 'pop' them an email to They can supply you with more details, along with the terms and conditions of this service.

New Products

We have still been receiving deliveries from all your favourite brands, which includes not only some NEW Products, but also some exciting new brands and ranges such as  The Mountain Baseface coverings from The Mountain and even new product types from Good Mood.

Be sure to check out our New Products section to see what stock you can get for your store.  

Here to Help - Special Offers

50% OFF Special Offers**

Here to Help - 50% OFF Special Offers*

We understand that this must be a difficult period for all of our customers, as we all adjust to life during the current rules and restrictions. 


That's why we've just added even more products to our Special Offers section, so you can benefit from 50% OFF some of your favourite STAND OUT merchandise!


We are pretty certain that you'll manage to find something to fit your store, which will help you stock up and get back on 'your feet'.


Start browsing the Special Offers section below!


Product Type

Here to Help - Greeting Card OffersHere to Help - Clothing OffersHere to Help - Gift OffersHere to Help - Home Offers


Here to Help - Angelic Offers       Here to Help - Animal Offers       Here to Help - Dinosaur Offers       Here to Help - Inspiring Offers


** Special offers for a limited time only. While stocks last. No voucher code required. Discount has already been applied to products within the special offers section.

Here to Help - Keeping you Posted


Keeping you Posted

We will do our utmost over the coming weeks, to keep you informed of any notable changes on the current situation. We recommend subscribing to our newsletters (if you are not already registered of course!), to receive any updates. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to reassure you once again, that we are taking all the necessary steps to minimise any potential risk to our staff and customers during this outbreak.   


Most importantly... take care & stay alert. 


Best wishes, The SOMETHING DIFFERENT Team!


Stay Safe. Stay Stylish. NEW Face Coverings

Face masks will soon become part of everyday life here in the UK, as well as many other places throughout Europe, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Face coverings can be worn in open areas such as shops and public transport to minimise the spread of coronavirus by airborne transmission. This has led to an increased demand in people searching for masks online, as well as businesses needing to supply their staff and customers (where applicable) with the required health & safety materials.


The requirement of face masks within public spaces, has now actually been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) since the beginning of April, as the COVID-19 virus started to spread around the globe.


While for instance, the CDC recommends we wear masks, everyone is actually advised not to buy surgical masks or PPE respirator masks, as those are needed desperately by health care professionals and in short supply. Therefore, it is recommended to wear other masks such as those made from clothes or other material, and this is where The Mountain has come in!


The Mountain has made face coverings from 100% cotton, which can be used to provide standard protection or even used over the top of another mask for a fashionable look.


These face coverings feature slits on both sides of the mask, to hook over the ears for a secure and comfortable fit.


With more than 40 designs to choose from, you can find many of your favourite Big Face™ animal designs, like ChimpanzeeGiraffe, and Sloth to name but a few. Go and check out the complete face coverings collection for yourself to find something suitable for your shop!




Coronavirus (COVID-19) - FAQ's

Dear SomDiff Customers,


Here at Something Different, we are also concerned about the ongoing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the effect it’s had on everyone’s lives. With that being said, the entire SomDiff team is doing everything we can to ensure that you continue to receive the same high-quality service you’re used to, over the next few weeks.


In light of the current situation and in addition to the wellbeing of our staff and customers, we have put employee safety as a top priority. We are doing this by taking extensive protective measures in our warehouse to help keep out any viruses. In addition to this, we have also advised all our office staff to work from home where possible, minimizing the number of employees at our premises at a given time. We are also working extremely hard to ensure that any orders reach you safely and securely.



Are you currently open?

Yes, we are currently open to fulfil the needs of our wholesale customers. However, we are operating with a minimal warehousing team.

Can I make enquiries about my order?

Yes, our admin staff are currently working from home to help you with any questions you may have via email: Our phone lines remain closed at this time. 

What procedures have you put in place?

We have informed all of our staff to take the necessary precautions when in our warehouse and at home. This involves keeping the 2m 'safe distance rule, using gloves to pick orders, wearing face masks and washing their hands at regular intervals.

Can I still open a new account on the website?

 Yes. However, there might be a slight delay in this process. Please bear with us during this time.

Can you hold orders until our shop reopens?

Yes, please let us know if you would like us to deliver your goods at a later date, and we can then arrange delivery for a time that suits you. 

When will you bring back 'promotional discounts'?

'Promotional Discounts' will be resumed once we are operating again as 'normal'. In the meantime, please check out our Special Offers section for up to 50% OFF all your favourite STAND OUT merchandise!



Will the current situation affect my delivery?

Due to operating with a minimal team, we currently have a backlog of orders. Also, there may be a delay in receiving your goods due to increased levels within the courier network. Therefore, please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery.

Are all products still available?

We have very good levels of stock of all products.

Can I contract the virus from packages?

It is extremely unlikely that you will contract COVID-19 through parcels. Research (according to the World Health Organization - WHO) suggests that coronavirus can only survive on surfaces for a short period of time. The risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus through a delivery which has travelled long distances and been exposed to other elements and temperatures is also very low. You can be rest assured, that our staff are also taking necessary precautions when handling your goods such as wearing gloves and face masks. However. if you are still unsure, we recommend you to wash your hands (for at least 20 seconds) or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after dealing with your delivery.    

Introducing, The Mountain Base

Something Different - Introducing, The Mountain Base Collection


Quite simply... The Mountain Base® brings you a collection of your favourite artwear from The Mountain®, and puts it on a plain t-shirt.

Featuring the same quality designs as the Mountain's premium collection, to bring you an affordable, unique and fun range to add to your offering.


These t-shirts are printed on Gildan Heavy 100% soft cotton and are screen printed right here in the UK, with designs including popular favourites such as 'Big Face Baby Orangutan', 'Climbing Chameleon', 'DJ Jahman', 'Peace Out Gecko' and lots more! 


Take a look at the product catalogue HERE to see all the available designs. Alternatively, jump straight to all The Mountain Base products on our website. CLICK HERE

Themed Underwear & Odd Socks



Let's spread the Good Mood with our selection of odd socks and themed underwear.


Offering you an exciting and unique range to add your collection. Check out the Good Mood collection page to see all the brand benefits for retailers. 


Make sure to also take a look at the latest catalogue, to see all the brand new products and designs, including Men's Trunks, Women's Briefs and more. As well as officially licensed Warner Bros. designs such as Harry Potter and Looney Tunes. You might even want to 'jump straight into' all the new Boxers & Briefs from Good Mood?


With a name inspired by happiness and designs inspired by things we love, Good Mood is a brand built to bring joy and laughter to everyday life all over the world.


Bringing you a collection of high quality socks and under garments, which are a treat to wear and joy for the eyes.


Unique. Individual. High Quality. Natural Materials. Never ending joy.


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